Législatives : le rappeur Médine offre l’émission passe voter un scrutin contre Aurore Bergé

Active representative and delegate leader of the chosen walkers of the Assembly, Aurore Bergé is an up-and-comer in the tenth locale of Yvelines. This isn’t whenever that they first have conflicted in a debate.
« Les Yvelines, assuming that you lose Aurore Berger (sic) Sunday, I offer 15 show passes at the Concert de Trappes ». These words, distributed this Saturday on the informal organization Twitter, are endorsed by rapper Médine .

This message, no doubt express, won’t astound the devotees of the effective rapper. The last option is to be sure a savage « foe » of the chosen Yvelines, who was playing his post in the National Assembly, this Sunday
This is where the shoe squeezes. As a legal counselor brought up via virtual entertainment, this message can be viewed as a type of unlawful promulgation, as indicated by the discretionary code and is dependent upon weighty punishments. Article L.106 of this said code indicates the dangers caused by the rapper.
« Any individual who, by gifts or gifts in cash or in kind, by commitments of gifts, favors, public or confidential work or other exceptional benefits, made with the end goal of impacting the vote of at least one citizens will have gotten or endeavored to get their vote, either straightforwardly or through an outsider, whoever, by similar means, not entirely set in stone or endeavored to decide at least one of them to decline, will be deserving of two years’ detainment and a fine of 15,000 euros. Will be rebuffed with similar punishments the people who have endorsed or requested similar gifts, generous actions or commitments, « makes sense of the electing code.
Past this gamble of detainment or a huge fine, this message, given the reputation of the rapper, could probably refute the political race in case of rout by a tiny hole from Aurore Bergé. An adjudicator of the managerial court asked could think about that the tweet of the translator of the collection « Médine France » might have impacted the eventual outcome. Reached by Le Parisien, Aurore Bergé declined to remark on final voting day. MP LREM was reappointed this Sunday in her electorate. Reached, the rapper’s company had not answered to us at the hour of composing these lines.

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