In the wake of leaving En Marche for Ecology and Nupes, Cédric Villani flopped in the authoritative races this Sunday in the fifth area of Essonne. The mathematician was beaten by the competitor of Ensemble, Paul Midy.
The Assembly is over for Cédric Villani . The popular mathematician, champ of the esteemed Fields Medal, was chosen representative for Essonne in 2017 under the shades of La République en Marche. Yet, he neglected to hold his command on Sunday, in the second round of regulative decisions . Prohibited from LREM in 2020 due to his dispute in the metropolitan races in Paris, became representative for Génération Écologiste in 2021, Cédric Villani this time introduced himself for the Nupes in the fifth electorate of Essonne, five years after his victoire. In any case, he was beaten by Paul Midy, the Ensemble up-and-comer. An extremely short loss for the mathematician, in front of just 19 votes (50.03% against 49.97%).

Twelve hours after the decision of the surveys, Cédric Villani had not yet responded openly. Before the subsequent round, he dismissed any thought of advantage. « Given the general humanism of the electorate, in the event that the test was basically to get me reappointed, the En Marche name would have been considerably more great for me! There, in actuality, it is to expect my convictions », made sense of he at the mouthpiece of RMC .

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